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Advantages of karaoke franchising

Q: Expected Income?

When you install 15 - 20 rooms (Around 1000sq ft).

Basement or 2nd floor or more

Rent is expected to be $1000-2000.

Expect for the core in downtown

Expected Installation Fee is 100K to 150K.

Including the interior and permission fee.

*There will be no extra expense

except for the fee when updated songs, hydro, cleaning fee, etc.

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Reduced Risk

Why People Choose Us?

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We are innovative

We are passionate about and the innovative solution we created to make an impact in this area.

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We Care and Help

We do so much more to improve your business. Our industrial expert helps you to reach your success. 

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We Are Business Experts

we connect business professionals

and entrepreneurs with the tools you need in order to put business solutions to work in your businesses.

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